It’s here!

Spring Training people, it’s finally here! I’m not sure what your level of excitement is for this news but this is a big, big day for me. The time between the end of the World Series and when pitchers and catchers report is a long, cold, bitter wait for me so I am thrilled that this wonderful day has finally arrived. And without getting into any heart-wrenching, soul-crushing details, I will say that the end of last season was particularly painful so I am more than ready for a new season full of possibilities! Plus this will be the last Spring Training that I will experience without my babies! Next year, we’ll all be able share in this joyous day together! :)

But don’t worry, this is not turning into a baseball blog – I’m just using this as a totally relevant segue so I can tell you about [A]’s new bedding that I’m almost as excited about as I am for ST! So drum-roll please….[A]’s room will be decorated in….wait for it….prepare your surprised face….BASEBALL!

His bedding arrived from Pottery Barn Kids this week and I am so happy with it. I am beyond excited to decorate his room in what I just happen to think is the greatest past time ever.




This is what the full quilt looks like. It’s covered in the logos for the National League teams and I just think it’s awesome! And, yes I know it’s got the outdated Marlins logo but that’s completely cool with me because a) it was on clearance probably for that reason AND b) that new logo is so stinkin’ ugly.
And I love that the Braves “A” is right in the middle! Perfect!


I also picked up these two pictures for his room over the last few weeks.

Basically, [A] will have the room that I wish I had. So if he ends up hating baseball (oh please no!) we can just switch. Of course I’ll have to add a life size cut-out of Martin Prado once I take over. :)

So, to sum up – YAY for [A]’s new room! YAY for Spring Training! YAY for clearance sales at Pottery Barn! And, as always, GO BRAVES!!!

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